Software Testing


Manual Testing

Manual testing is the process of checking software or programs for errors, defects, and vulnerabilities by hand. During manual testing, QA engineers check whether the system operates according to specified requirements without any failures.

Software testing includes:
  • Designing a QA strategy and a test plan
  • Building all relevant testing activities into the SDLC and performing them
  • Providing regular test reports and reports on the QA team’s performance
  • Managing the testing team and enhancing its performance
  • Analyzing the relevancy of test automation for the project
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QA consulting

A consulting service ensures that the QA strategy satisfies quality standards and meets industry requirements, provides QA consulting by analyzing testing and development processes, evaluating team readiness for testing, and detecting product defects.

Software testing includes:
  • QA process setup
  • QA process review and improvement
  • Test automation consulting and setup
  • Training QA Team
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Software Automation Testing

Automation Testing is to help accurately check the software, prevent human error, speed up testing, increase test coverage, and get a higher return on investment (ROI) in the long run.

Software automation testing includes:
  • Test automation setup
  • Providing tools and frameworks for automated testing
  • Designing tests and writing test scripts
  • Executing tests and providing test reports
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Type of tests

Functional Testing

We check if your web application works according to all business requirements and report on identified issues/bugs.

Regression Testing

We detect errors in already tested parts of the source code after making changes to them.

Web Testing Automation

We automate functional, regression testing with hybrid keyword-driven and data-driven approaches

Performance Testing:

We check if your web solution works under any planned load, reveal stress, load, scalability, and reliability issues in your solution.

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