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Our client is the leading provider of AI-driven apartment marketing solutions nationwide in the United States and has partnered with property management companies for over 18 years to create and boost renting results. The company’s comprehensive portfolio addresses the full life cycle of today’s renter, demonstrating tangible results that maximize ROI. Solutions deliver more qualified leads, nurture prospects, boost online reputation and star ratings, improve resident satisfaction, and generate more leases for multifamily apartment companies.





Business context

Covid-19 pandemic has forced apartment marketers, property managers and staff to adapt to a new way of doing business. Safe access to community amenities has been one of the most significant puzzles to solve. Many residents base their leasing decisions on a community’s amenities and the lifestyle they can expect from having an apartment fitness center, pool, fire pit and game room on site. So in order to keep residents happy as well as socially distanced and safe, apartment amenity scheduling platforms have quickly become a must-have.


Product description

The product helps managing community amenities and events. Properties can control hours of operation, time slots, party size, capacity limitations, and when residents can schedule time. With the variety of available settings, properties can configure blocking hours for cleaning, can set up a waitlist to reduce the load for amenities or block residents that violated their terms of use.

Residents can book their favorite amenities or attend an event in just a few clicks, in a way that is the most sufficient for them: from the chatbot on their property website or from a mobile app, and they will be informed about any changes to the schedule, get reminded about the upcoming reservations and stay tuned for the future events.


The Solution

In collaboration with the Intercode team, the scheduling tool was designed in the following way: for managers, as a part of the main website, we provided a micro frontend that allows to configure community amenities and events, monitor and manage reservations on the calendar and see key metrics on reports; for residents, we have provided two ways of managing their own reservations: from a cross platform mobile app and from a chatbot widget, that is integrated to the property websites All the data is stored in a single data source, that allow to reflect any changes immediately on the website, chatbot widget and mobile app. In order to keep residents informed about any changes to their reservations, we use email notifications along with the mobile push notifications.


The Technologies

Angular - 30%
Flutter - 30%
ExpressJS - 20%
MongoDB - 10%
Airship - 5%
AWS SES - 5%

The Result

Intercode's dedicated team was able to release the initial version of the application within the specified time, and subsequently release the necessary updates as a response to the pandemic challenges in a timely manner. 'The speed of response to alerts, as well as the user experience when working with them, have improved significantly for users.